Acupressure & Clinical Massage methodology

Acupressure is a method that uses finger pressure on certain points of the body to achieve relief from pain or to release muscles, to facilitate easy movement or to follow the Chinese Meridian Theory in order to balance the physical energy in the body.   These are ancient techniques with a history over thousands of years.

These points may be anywhere and phantom pain such as "Lost limb Syndrome" is quite often eased substantially.  The points in the ear correspond to every part of the body and the organs.  Use of these points is common in acupuncture and are used to literally change the way the brain thinks about the impulses from the sensory and other nerves.  

Small single use, completely sterile acupuncture needles are sometimes inserted in the ear when appropriate.

Clinical massage is an advanced method of easing muscle tension, resetting the movement of joints, limbs and can take many years to learn.  It demands a very good knowledge of how the body works and how much the mind and attitudes affect health.  As a stress relief it is highly effective and the opportunity to be free to say whatever a person needs to get off their chest in absolute confidence, without judgement or repercussion is vital to good emotional health.

The massage is done oil on skin on every part of the body involving full lymphatic drainage of all adipose tissue, the abdomen and where by agreement, the breast tissue and inguinal lymph nodes.  Myo-fascial release is achieved by gently stretching tissue.  Subluxation or misaligment of spinal vertebrae is often corrected using ancient traditional methods.  Absolutely no chiropractic, forced manipulation or osteopathic  methods are ever used.  Mr Hardiman at the age of 76, still practices full time and teaches martial arts.

Such conditions as back pain, sciatica, muscle tears, knees, shoulders, whiplash, Arthritis, MS and ME all benefit.  Commonly referred to as an MOT.

For those who have been abused, it is an excellent way to restore confidence.

A consent form is required to be signed.  Those under 16 must have a parent or guardian in the room at the time.  Those aged 16-18 must have parental consent.  If you require to have a chaperone please say so.  This is very rarely the case and all others are seen in private.  Between 800 - 900 treatments are effected annually and that has been the case since 1999.

Mr Hardiman has been effecting these treatments for over 60 years and is regarded as an expert in this field. He has treated some 15,000 individuals and 90% of all come by word of mouth recommendation.  The cost is £50 or £45 for unemployed or students of The Chi Clinic.