TRAUMA, Physical or emotional

It is a fact that trauma can cause actual physical pain and suffering, quite apart from the psychological effects.  Trauma can give rise to agoraphobia, hyper reaction, elevated blood pressure, sleepless nights, unable to be touched by anyone, stress and a whole panoply of emotional issues.

We see many who have been severely abused, lost limbs, been in accidents, have fear of flying and those who simply cannot be touched.  We see many post mastectomy, post traumatic childbirth and post operation.

Our methods here are developed over the last 50 years of experience and assisting many to recovery or more able to manage the condition.

All sessions are in absolute confidence and at your pace, your agreement and your control.  Tony has a gentle approach and a way of letting you relax by empowering and restoring self confidence.

We are not trained in the same way as clinical counsellors and use quite different methods.  Just ring and book in to see what may be done.

If you would prefer to see Vicky, then please ask.  She too has a gentle and caring approach that many find very helpful.