Advice for new patients and clients.

Some people are unsure of what to expect from Alternative & Complementary therapies.  Some may be very shy about their bodies or about being touched.  Some may have had unfortunate experiences.  Our methods are very useful in overcoming such apprehension or inhibitions and often lead to a full restoration of confidence.  The consultation itself is in absolute confidence and no "Judgement" is offered. 

We see all religions, all manner of genetic backgrounds and try to have utmost respect for all protocols.  If we are not sure, we will ask. 

It is always our wish that a patient's right to be informed is observed and fully informed consent is freely given for treatment to commence.  Your comfort is paramount and we see people from many different parts of the world.  All major religions are equally respected.  No-one will touch you without permission and you are free at any time to raise questions or request alternatives.

Spouses are welcome to come in to the treatment room and if you require a chaperone or translator, please say so.  We might see couples or friends together or one after the other but otherwise, the sessions are conducted in absolute privacy and are completely confidential.  Session records are kept for 6 years and available at any time on request by the person concerned. 

The massage treatments are predominantly oil on skin using fractionated coconut  oil and you should let us know of any intolerance, skin conditions or known reactions.  Liniments may be applied and you may be asked to wear a sling to support shoulder injuries.  With lymphatic drainage, one should drink water and avoid alcohol for 24 hours after treatment.

It is best to have a shower before coming if possible.  

Towels are used and may be dispensed with if you wish, however, the massage involves the entire body and many choose to have breast lymphatics massage to relieve tension, PMT, distension and to help with detecting any problems.  Often referred to as an MOT, the whole body treatment is by far the most commonly requested therapy session.  Always conducted in a friendly, relaxed manner allowing time for the relaxation (maybe with music, crystals and meditation) to follow.  

You may be asked to stand or demonstrate movement with minimal clothing to be examined or misalignments noted.

Shoulder injuries involve treatment of all the muscles across the chest and under the breast.

Soft and deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, moxibustion, auricular acupuncture, acupressure and a variety of other sports therapy methods are utilised as well as electro-therapy.   We do not use any Chiropractic, Osteopathy or forced manipulation.  You may be recommended to seek medical intervention where it may be unwise to manipulate without a scan or x ray.

You should not have any other manipulation therapy whilst under our care.  There are exceptions to this where insurance claims are involved.

We see those who are trying to get pregnant and our approach is to relax and prepare the body and mind.  For those who are pregnant, we can help with morning sickness, nausea, easing the hips and lower back during the pregnancy and generally preparing for the happy day.

With effect from 1st May 2024, the costs will be £70 per session if working or £60 for those not employed, members of the NHS or services or students of The Chi Clinic.   

Where required, we are happy to discuss your treatment with your Doctor or hospital specialist and report what we have done by way of treatment here.

The Consent Form.  You will be asked to complete a form with your name, address, contact details, age and you will be asked about your medical history, any drugs that you are taking and details of the condition you need help with.  Your signature will be asked for after you have read all the form and given consent for treatment.   This information is usually held for about 6 years and never shared outside the clinic or even to other family members without permission.   Out of date records are shredded.

This is a copy of the main section of the consent form....  Please read fully and if you have any questions, just ask.

Exclusions from the session ...  Anything that you do not want is noted here...
Treatment will include any of the following.   Full body Lymphatic drainage massage, Acupressure . Auricular Acupuncture. Shiatsu. Reflexology, Injury or Sports therapy. Electro therapy. Moxibustion , Chi Healing, Meditations and other necessary methods of therapy.   Assessments may include asking you to demonstrate movement whilst not fully clothed.
A full body massage with oil on skin treatment involves the removal of clothing as required for the extent of the treatment to be applied. This may involve removal of all clothing. The treatment will involve the use of acupressure points that in some cases are in intimate areas. These will not be touched without your consent at the time. Lymphatic drainage involves the massage of female breasts and the release of lymph nodes also will involve those in the groin area. Examination of pectoralis muscle and deltoids will involve deep investigation of the deep fascia across the chest. All muscles are worked upon including the inner thigh.
Towel draping is used where appropriate or may be dispensed with at your request.
If you wish for a chaperone, please tell the therapist before commencing the session.
I request and consent to the above treatments and I will tell the therapist of any queries or wish to stop the treatment.

NB Consultations may be recorded on a voice recorder