The form is based on Chi Kung that I was introduced to in the early 1960 s
as part of that which exiled Chinese masters saw fit to teach me. It was a privilege to have been given the opportunity and one that as a youth, took a little too lightly. As I progressed, it became abundantly clear that this was not one of the more common forms and had been imparted to me for some purpose.

It is an examination of how to preserve the natural replenishment of cells by energising at molecular level the very nature of cell structure.

As part of a set of mind exercises that were shown to my by those who spoke no English apart from “ I show”. It was clear that the secret is in the doing, the regular practice and a state of “No mind”. This state is commonly taught in most meditative arts and how to think without language is very difficult to explain.

The sounds made during the form are unique to each person, to each moment, to each day, to each second of existence. As such they are not to be confined to “ This is right or wrong” nor to having the correct mouth shape or tone. To teach freedom and individuality and try to put in place such corrections is paradoxical.

Each person has their own path. Each their own purpose. Each their own experiences. Each their own right to live in peace. Such is the tenet of Chi-Do.

So, position. Standing erect yet relaxed with the feet together yet ankles not touching. Breath gently and fully a few times without strain. Try upper chest breathing, then abdominal and try to imagine In breathing white light with a faint blue hue.

Feel the centre line, the point of balance where you are rooting with each foot , evenly distributed.

Move the centre to the right foot and relax the knees.

Ease the left knee forward and move your left foot to the side with the toes just touching tHe ground and the heel raised.

As the heel goes down, move the centre line midway without having to correct the posture. Just go straight to it with no waiver. Shoulder width posture.

Hold chi between the fingers and in the same mind as “Silk reeling” raise the hands as shown in the video. Breathing in as the hands raise, the feet rooting as though a tree growing the trunk and first branches.

At the top, allow the stomach muscles to relax and allow the spine to straighten, flattening the lower back thereby opening Ming Men and activating the kidneys.

Visualise the rooting of a tree with the growing of the trunk and branches.

Open the foliage and start to breath out and bring the arms to the side and hold to allow the energy to fill every part of your body and mind. This is a pentacle position with the five major chi centres wide open.

Breathe naturally and as your arms come down to the start, allow your body to sink a little..

Now repeat but not so far, visualising the growth of the tree each time and growing stronger.

This is the first movement.  Scroll down for the second movement.

The second movement is to lower the body more and describe with the hands and index finger a Fibonacci action. From zero to 1. Then 3. Then 5 and so on as shown in the video. If you are not acquainted with Fibonacci then please look this up to get the best effect.

The rotation of the hands excites the major points of meridians in the hands and the flexion of the hips and knees, those in the legs and feet.

These two movements are repeated many times and the breathing regulated by need, sensation and ability.

On their own, are very important and powerful.

After some 15 or 20 repetitions then sounds are made to coincide the movements.

All things are in vibration. The atomic bonds are crucial in the coalesced matter. The frequency of vibration for each organ, your blood, every fluid and every cell in your body is utterly dependant on these frequencies.

Each sound is made with the out breath and vocal chords only apart from the last balancing sound, made with the lip shape.

The first sound, “Haaaa” is to vibrate the head, the brain and upper spinal cord. The very intercranial fluid should vibrate and assist the cleansing of plaque from the brain tissues: if you do not feel it at first, change the note until you do. That goes for all the sounds.

The next “ Heeey “. Is to stimulate the thyroid, para thyroid, the trachea and upper lung area.

The next “Huey” stimulates the lungs and the top of the aorta and so on.

The next , “ Faargh”. Is to stimulate the stomach, abdomen and digestive system.

The next, “ Saargh” is for the perineum, the viscera of organs to do with reproduction and purpose.

The next “ Ssssss” to regulate the organs having energised everything. This is done with a different arm movement and extension of the index finger thus opening the heart lung connection.

Breath is vital. How you breath determines your very nature and how you think. Your gut is the primordial brain and the one in your head is simply there to cope with all the bolt ons that we have acquired over millions of years of evolution.

The brain cannot think as such and relies on patterns for memory and reaction. It formulates concepts from those pattern skills. Your body relies on information from your gut and much of our conditioning is from reward, advertising, training as children and so on,

You have 150,000 years of everybody’s genetic memory in you, Use it.....

Release of that conditioning is critical to individuality.

The next set follows with arm moments, each repeated 7 times and then to hold a disc and generate static electricity with the mind alone. Literally creating matter from chi.

Each is designed to clear meridians and to bring chi to the “Centre”.

Watch the video carefully and note the first seven are no more than opening the arm about 90 degrees and the next, turning the upper body and some 180 degrees of movement.

Then, the actions are to train the mind.

Nurture.   Cantered. Equal balance and visualising the act of meeting a young, wounded wild animal that needs to be taken to it’s mother. Anyone who has played with a young lion or a tiger cub, a wolf will have some idea of this feeling: If something has to be done, it must be done without fear.   The old Chinese Taoist proverb is of the monk finding a drowning scorpion. Upon scooping it up, he is stung. Later he finds another and again is stung. It is the nature of man to care for others and the nature of a scorpion to sting.

In so doing the next movement, one then repels with a positive motion to dispel negativity that may offend your mind or body.

Then one sits back, the hands change to control. Control of your mind, your thoughts and action.

These actions are subliminal to encourage a state of mind that is to be candid, very strong and determined yet open to the views of others. Know yourself well and don’t take .... from anyone.

This is reinforced with the posture of Ma Bu with sword fingers. A completely martial posture to state clearly, not to be messed with.

So, there we go.  

The closing roots the energy in lower dantien, with three movements with the back of the hands coming together. The next three are to gather chi from the universe. Then from the air and earth. Gather with the hands to dantien, left hand in.

Finish with wiping off anything that has surfaced and not needed. The tapping in is lightly done with a sense of completion and wholeness. You’re ready.

I give this form freely, for the benefit of my fellow humans who would make good use of it and take it as part of life. To honour others, to be kind, to have opinion and appreciate the flexibility of the air element.

I work with European alchemy and use the chakras as a basis of healing energy. This form also suits Chinese TCM and Ayurvedic principles. It has no roots in religious dogma or prejudice.

The base chakra, red. All you need to sustain life, air, food and shelter. The next, sacral. Orange. Reproduction, purpose and fun, The stomach, yellow , your feelings, emotions etc. Your heart, green. How you feel and act towards others, your humanity. The throat, blue, how you express yourself, your tone and the words you use. The third eye, indigo. Your ability to see more and have experiences outside the norm. The crown, white, made of all the colours. Your enlightenment and your place here in this third dimension.

Be free, Just Be,

In love.