Genetic Inherited memory and it's effects.

The concept of Genetic memory is not new and whilst many have viewed it as of little importance, the effects have been proven to be profound and to cause actual pain, trauma and agitation when triggered.  For many years, there have been countless experiments to try to understand why animals inherit a natural fear of even the shadow of a bird of prey, how birds find their way and traditional migration routes without being taught.  There is ample anecdotal evidence and actual cases where it may be proven that a memory has been passed on through the genes.  Many have been seen here at The Chi Clinic and the effects can be very damaging if not recognised for what it is.

How to detect them remains for many, a very mysterious process whereby the practitioner may see a glimpse of the actual memory and then give some small detail to be investigated.  Most memories appear to go back for up to 3 generations but some have been seen much older.

Once acknowledged the matter is brought to "now" and it's relevance put in to context.  This usually results in a complete recovery.

The body works on electrical energy and memories are stored in the same way.  There is nothing mystical or mysterious about it and certainly not magic.  It is not and has nothing to do with "Regression therapy".  It is a very real condition and having seen hundreds of cases we deal with it in a practical and straightforward manner.

Many have memories from within the womb during the last trimester.  That is a different matter altogether and is part of the natural survival instincts where the sound of the mothers voice and her usual reactions are learned supplementary to the GIM.

Any condition that has been seen to be idiopathic should be investigated for triggers.

This is done as a matter of course during a full body treatment here.

The case for Inherited Memory is controversial and wide ranging discussions proliferate amid an atmosphere of almost hysteria. This has it's foundings in those teachings of some religion, atheistic, agnostic, creationalist, Divinity, Evolutionists and so forth. If one is to examine this apparent phenomena, one should have at least an open mind as there is evidence for and against.
This published view is based on actual credible evidence gained over some 40 years of cases where thousands have been treated upon provable events that were verified independently by other family members.   Each case is unique BUT there is substantial coincidence of many of the common memories where an historical event has been witnessed by many who then go on to have progeny. The memories arise when there has been a trigger event, often hundred of years afterwards. It seems to follow more the female line.
I will be pleased to hear from other practitioners and those with personal experience to recount. Perhaps we will be able to publish some of the cases where there is permission given. If you wish to see that happen then please e mail me with the details and coroberative statements.
I am as curious as anyone to find out how this works !!! After having studied it since 1958 I still have not found a completely rational explanation. Carl Jung alluded to it many times but he did so from a purely scientific backgound. Upon reading his works, it is clear that he was aware of it although he did not know what it is.
Post script..June 07  This lecture was given several years ago and since then I have treated many hundreds of patients where this condition is apparent. The material effect of a single minor incident is enough to trigger a totally hyper reaction to an event in this real time and where that is seen in an otherwise rational person, I urge you to look for the ancient memory. T

Inherited memory. This is a very long piece and you may wish to download the page to your own computer. Copy right applies and you may only use this for your own information and not copy or disseminate the piece in part or in whole to anyone else.
In this lecture which was given to students on the 3rd of March 2002 we look at a subject that is often misunderstood and surrounded in myth and supposition. Often confused with Past Life experiences, this is a quite different phenomena that has immense repercussions in the present day.
Many of the illnesses found today emanate from inherited memory and the subconscious recollection of events that are recorded in the third strand of DNA.
You may download the entire lecture if you wish and I would be interest to hear from those in this field.
In particular, a recent event has triggered further research into the originating source of Addisons Disease to an event that is found in the Viking Chronicles where, towards the end of the Viking era a King died and was burned at sea along with his wife. She died in the inferno and the event was witnessed by many who then went on the have progeny.
In every case of Addisons that I encounter, there is a psychic memory of wood burning. Either that, or the person has a fear of fire or works with fire and wood.
Co-incidence perhaps?????
If you have any information or experiences, please let me know.
This file contains about 8500 words or 10kb in MS works format. You are welcome to download and study as you wish and if you would like to add more info, please E mail me.
It is my intention with this lecture is to lay the ground for a coherent and explainable reason why the effects of memory on the body are so profound and in many cases, quite debilitating.
The approach to this is often with the use of suppressant drugs and psychotic, mind changing drugs when often, there is no reason to treat with drugs at all. In fact, that only masks the problem and embeds in the mind of the client patient that there is something wrong that cannot be explained or cured. That is often not the case.
The objective view demands rethinking and you will please bear with me if I overview the subject before getting too specific.
Over the last 40years or so I have been aware of many approaches to the concept of Past Life and the effects on the psyche and physical ramifications of memory.
These approaches have often been shrouded in mystique and superstition with no practical and scientific background. The practitioners are deemed ‘quacks’ and dismissed.
During the 1950s and 60s I had the opportunity to work on a number of ex service men who had lost limbs. In virtually every case, there was also a loss of the memory of part of their lives. This caused great distress when some of the men could not recall their own wife and family.
The loss was quite specific in many cases and the trauma that it invoked had a great effect on the mental and physical health of the person.
This also manifested in what was called ‘Lost Limb Syndrome’.
It was formerly dismissed as falling within the category of Conflict Trauma or Shell Shock and treated with a variety of ineffective drugs to dull the nervous system. This label stopped anyone, other than a few non so called orthodox practitioners, from looking further into the cause at a pure scientific level.
What it meant was that the person so afflicted became embroiled in a regime of drugs and turned to alcohol of heroin or opiates to abate the effects when the drugs did not work. A generation of old soldiers who had given all to their country were ruined for life.
Likewise, the victims of accidents at work or those involved in car accidents and the like were also treated in this way.
As I have said often to my students, do not label anything. It is an impediment to truth to categorise an event or a symptom within ordained parameters. It stops you thinking about it.
Let us look first then at this phenomena and its aspect.
The brain is used to send a message to all parts of the body at all times. These Beep -Beep electrical messages are responded to by the local receptors. They relate information back to the brain. The brain then analyses the response and decides upon a course of action. All of the brain is used all of the time.
We are often told that much of the brain is surplus to requirements and that we only use 20% of our brain. That is simply not true and is too incredulous to be taken seriously. If that were the case, it is the nature of all things and within the concept of evolutionary expedience that we would have brains only one fifth of the size.
The higher brain is in two hemispheres. The one on the left is primarily electric and the one on the right is predominantly magnetic. These manifest in the right hand being electric and left magnetic.
Males are principally electric and females magnetic.
This has been known for thousands of years and is the reason that women instinctively take their place on the left of a man. That is shown in all marriage ceremony and the expression of having a right hand man means simply that the masculinity is enhanced by having another trusted man on ones right.
Seating plans intuitively adopt this pattern and it is intrinsic in the deep psyche.
This is the order of development in accord to the natural laws and implies no more than that.
All things, whether corporeal or incorporeal, male or female, solid or liquid are a manifestation of the same and only Chi that is omnipresent throughout the whole of this being.
We accord to the natural physics of all being and are part of the whole.
There is no more matter present now than there ever was. It simply changes state.
The nervous system relies upon these same natural physics and in order to send the messages to every part of the body all the time demands a source of electrical activity and a means to control it.
The voltages needed to send a message to the most distant part of the body are higher than that required to send to the nearest. Simple electrical physics. Ohms Law, for those who did it at school. E over C, R. Remember ??
E being the electromotive force in Volts, C being the current in amperes and R the resistance. A simple calculation applied to the length of a piece of wire to measure its resistance and the current that a certain voltage will produce.
It is this that gives rise to the household light bulb and the heating elements of your fires and cookers. A universal law if ever there was one.
The brain is very simple. It is merely a Go / No Go analogue computer with a set of patterns that can be either Read Only or Random Access. I use these computer terms as they are well known to most of you.
The arrangement of the brain comes from the evolutionary cycle of Medulla Oblongata or brain stem, through the cerebellum to the upper brain . Essentially, the brain can be unravelled as a single tube and it is coiled in such a way to allow synapse activity to cross from one part to another without having to travel the whole route. This means that the brain can work very quickly.
Various general areas of the brain deal with motor function, intellect etc and are easily identified with the use of specialised equipment.
If a limb is lost, the brain continues to send out a message at the same voltage and receives a response as though the limb were still existent. Until that voltage is changed by some external event that remains to be the case because of the Read Only aspect of the brain.
Now, every atom in your body has been around since the beginning of all of this existence, in one form or another.
Molecules are composed of atoms in different arrangements and cells are comprised of molecules.
There is a consistency of opinion that every cell has a memory and is quite capable of functioning without the brain.
Indeed, the immune system of the body is mainly consistent with this view as each cell, whether it be Killer Cell, antibody or phagocyte works in autonomy.
The aspect of vision is such that the brain stores images from all of its perception throughout its life and stores them as bits of information. It stores these bits all over the body and the brain retains a code of identifying the location. It works by set identity patterns and filling in the holes.
The eyes are a specialised organ of sight. In that, the eyes are very restricted in what they can see. The visual cortex is designed to prioritise these images and to fill in the unseen details from memory.
The hands are not a specialised organ of sight and can see much more of the nergy wavelength than the eye.
To use the eyes at all causes a reaction in the muscles of the eye. This triggers a response mode in the cognitive part of the brain. What you see is what the brain has interpreted, not what is actually there.
In order to see auras and energies, one must see with the mind and not the assumptions made by the brain.
However, this is a very practical use of the brain when we consider the development of the human body from lizard, lemur, primate to human. The precedents to that era are too obscure to be considered within the context of this discussion group.
Who wants to recall a life as a tiddler in the sea, gobbled up by a bigger fish.
There are those who appear to have a memory as a tree or a plant. I have no experience of that other than by hearsay.
More importantly, I concern myself today with the era post lizard.
If one is prey, then it is important to be able to identify your attacker whilst hidden and only a part of the outline is visible.
Likewise, if one is a hunter the reaction to a sight of only a part of your hidden quarry is crucial to your hunting success.
This is how the brain works.
It is designed for a specific role and has not developed beyond that.
Civilisation itself has caused a quandary in the way that the brain functions and the way that events are perceived and interpreted.
The very function of interpretation is based upon a rational assumption, not on fact.
Mankind tends to rationalise nature in terms of experience and not on impartial observation.
There is only one truth and it is different for every person who perceives it.
Language is an impediment to understanding. All the information that you will ever need is already within you. You are the product of 100 million years of evolution and at each stage, the development and memories are imprinted.
The process of procreation is a union of the male and female gene code and subsequent cell division. That gene code carries within the DNA and RNA all the coded messages necessary for the development of the foetus and also carries with it the function of life itself.
How is it that the baby has already the knowledge of how to breath, how to recognise it’s mothers face and how does it know how to feed. There are set responses that date back to the lemur brain of automatic reaction to stimulus. These are a test of the completion of the development process. All mothers are taught, or should be taught, what these responses are.
How is it that migratory birds if separated from the flock, can still find their way?
How is it that fish spawn returns as adult to the very river in which it was born to procreate and die? Salmon are a supreme example. Turtles are another.
All over this world the natural animals have retained their natural instincts and rely upon this inherited memory for survival. Why is so successful? Because no-one had told them it cannot done.
They have not tried to rationalise it by mans feeble parameters and ignorance.
The test of human baby responses are to induce a small sense of falling and to watch the hand grasp. Also, to grip the small hands in such a way that the baby grips the adult fingers and can even support it’s own weight. The head falls back and this is a reaction designed to avoid the baby falling from the mother’s fur and if the head were to be held stiffly, the neck would whiplash.
There are indicators at stages of child development that take place from the birth to awareness of characteristics that identify the mother, where to get milk etc. These are encoded on the DNA. How does a child know how to open it’s eyes, how to cry, how to evacuate its bowel and so forth.
Why do they do it? Because no-one had told them it cannot be done. This is not blind faith, this is not cult conditioning or the adherence to doctrine. It is not even acceptance of the fact, it is simply being without any concept or thought.
There seems little logic in creating a truly wondrous living machine if it cannot be used. This is akin to building a car when there is no fuel or anyone to drive it.
Whatever is put into a child up to the age of 3 and a half years defines the mental and physical attributes for the rest of the child’s life.
The body also has what is commonly known as long term memory. This is designed to come into play as the body reaches the age of 28 years old or thereabouts. At that age, in evolutionary terms and in the light of the purpose for which the body was designed, is when the body becomes less flexible, it slows down and the responses slow. The long term memory is there to search all of the stored data to look for advantage. It also picks up all the rubbish, the fears, the injuries, the traumas and every major event in the life of the body.
It also latches on to the encoded data storage in the DNA and RNA. That is how evolution of the species as defined by Darwin takes place. He did get it wrong in many regards and has since been vilified for his revelations. However, it is the case that evolution takes place very quickly. It does not take thousands of years.
A species dependant upon ground flora for forage will survive as long as the environment gives it access to food. If the ground flora dies away, those with the ability to reach a little higher will survive. Their progeny will then develop longer necks. The Giraffe is an extreme example of this.
However, the trees also change and grow higher and the leaves abound at a higher level to avoid being eaten. Hence the cycle goes on.
Why do they do it? Because no-one had told them it cannot be done.
If an athlete is trained at sea level and has to compete at a higher altitude, the transition is made over a few weeks. During this time, the lungs expand, the red blood count rises and other physiological events take place. If the athlete then does not return to sea level but take up abode at the higher level, the changes encode on the DNA to the progeny. Within two or three generations, the attributes of evolutionary development become the norm. New inherent characteristics of behaviour appear and the psyche changes to accord to the actual prevailing physics of the environment.
In practical terms then, this is how the lessons and memories are passed on from one to another.
Let us now look a little more closely at the DNA and RNA.
In this I refer to the excellent works of Tortora and Brabowski. 9th edition in particular. This work is far in excess of the normal academic referrals of such as ITEC and other qualification criteria for general massage therapy. It does not go as far as that required for Professorship but is at the equivalent of Junior medical staff.
Deoxyribonucleic acid, the DNA and Ribonucleic acid, the RNA are described on pages 52 to 54. They are discovered in the nuclei of cells as massive organic molecules containing carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and phosphorous.
The chemical symbols are C, H, N and P. I will not here go into the atomic qualities of each but suffice it to say that the valency of each is compatible to each other to form other compounds. Each Gene is an encodement to form a segment of DNA.
The RNA is there to encode instructions from the genes to form amino acids into proteins.
The Monomers of nucleic acids are called nucleotides. Each nucleotide contains three parts.
The first, or nitrogenous base contains atoms of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen. In DNA, the four bases are Adenine, Thymine, Cytosene and Guanine.
Where Adenine and Guanine are larger, they form Purines. Thymene and Cytosene are smaller, single ringed bases called pyrymidines.
The second nucleotide is called Pentose sugar. It is composed of deoxyribose which attaches to the end of each base in DNA.
The third is a phosphate group which form the ‘’backbone’’ of a DNA strand. This holds it all together.
This combination forms the double helix of DNA. In the Watson-Crick Double Helix model, the most commonly used form to express the strands for detailed perception and teaching, it resembles a spiral ladder. In this, like is always linked or paired to like and in this way, the entire encodement is passed when the two spirals separate. Any change in this is called a mutation.
The RNA of humans is single stranded. In some other creatures it is double or triple stranded but I have not explored that aspect to the point where I will lecture upon it. I only teach what I know and believe to be the case.
That then is the orthodox case for the building blocks of all living creatures, Whether they be plants, virus, single cell beings, multi-cell beings or any other living entity.
Or is it?
What has been ignored?
What more can there be than what can be seen, dissected, analysed or described?
Electrical data base information adhering to the RNA and DNA strands. This has seldom even been contemplated, let alone examined.
It is probably as important as any other element and in fact is the very reason that the disc is copied so precisely and protected. Any interference with that field of energy induces massive mutations.
This was found in the 1950s when the foetus was examined with X rays. It was found when a pregnant woman put her feet into those ridiculous foot wear machines to see if the shoe fitted. It was found in those who live near to electricity pylons. In those who lived near to any man made source of energy or those who worked with high voltage transmitters, computers and so forth.
The current method of examination by ultra sound is less risky but it does carry some element of risk and the frequencies are carefully controlled.
At no time, until any of you are fully trained, preferably in the methods that I teach, must you ever put Chi Energy into a foetus.
Chi energy changes the state of molecules and cells. It promotes growth and positive energy. At crucial periods, certain acupressure and meridian points are forbidden to be touched as the energy that they produce alter cells and the rate of growth.
You must learn to be able to switch it off, even for an orthodox massage routine. If you do not learn this, you will have to live with the consequences. So too will the Mother and the child.
In my practice, such is the case and women of child bearing age and potential are asked if there is any prospect of pregnancy. Even if the woman is not aware of being pregnant, the routines that I teach will pick it up before any damage is done.
You must not interfere with the Tao of All Being unless there is definite evidence of that being required to restore an accident in the natural event of the Tao.
What is Chi Energy? It is what you and everything is made of. It is the essential building block of all matter and all matter and things are a manifestation of Chi. A person trained in Tai chi or Chi Kung is able to detect these energies through the hands. The study of Chi has been the subject of millions of people all over the world for thousands of years.
If all matter is a wavelength of energy This wide. The eyes can see only the bit in the middle and the hands can see this much.
Try it..
Demonstration. This is how wee see the energies of memory. It takes many years of training and practice.
Now, as to past lifetimes. Where the genetic line is intact there will come a point where these memories are recalled. The past cannot be changed. Indeed, there is no such thing as Past, Present or Future. There is only the eternal Now.
All theorems where time is an assumed entity fail with the withdrawal of that presumption.
In religious terms, one finds in many doctrines of faith that the sins of the parent are vested in the offspring. It is classic to speak of ‘Bad blood’ and to attribute to the living a history where the predecessor has committed crimes or acts of atrocity. This is an endemic human bias that is often said to be based on total illogic and superstition. The children of such a vile person are not the ones to be blamed for those actions.
However, the stigma does attach and results in those families having to move away, to assume new identities, to obscure the past and to create a totally fictional family history elsewhere. There they live in fear of discovery.
This shows in our society all the time and is a basis for prejudice and awful acts of retribution.
Thus it appears to be the case that humans are programmed to recognise the transmission of traits and propensity from one to another. This is not something they have learned, it is programmed in and to overcome it, logic and evaluation of truth has to be exercised.
Thus the mercy shown contradicts much of the dogma.
But what happens in the case of an adopted child? Do the sins of the adopting parent pass to the child? Of course not.
Where there is no direct genetic line, the argument fails totally.
It has been discovered that the recipient of a heart transplanted from another often has memories that become apparent shortly after the transplant operation. There is too much evidence of this to disregard it as an event of note.
Likewise, recipients of liver and kidneys from another also report the acquisition of new memories. However, those memories appear to be much less recalled and of lesser significance.
There is too much evidence from eminent sources for the genetic transmission of data and the storage of memories within the cells for it to be ignored.
This then is a summation of the case for direct line inheritance of memory.
Now, all matter is in a state of vibration. All emanation of matter and assembly of electrical components of molecules, atoms and wavelengths of energy are in vibration. It is said that if one atom stopped moving the whole of creation would cease. Data is transmitted electrically and that movement of energy is capable of being detected.
One does not have to have complicated instruments to measure it or to detect it. You are doing it all the time. Every thought that you have has an energy and a field of magnetism. Brainwaves can be plotted against known parameters to detect illness.
This is used to detect epilepsy, neurological defects and injuries set up an electrical field. That is the entire basis of all hands on healing using energies.
It is the basis for Shiatsu, Zen Shiatsu, Chi Kung, Reiki, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Yoga, Reiki, Kinesiology, Reflexology and so forth.
The practitioner learns to develop the ability to detect these impulses and to form rational diagnosis based upon empirical evidence and learning.
The psychic ability also works on that principle.
Carl Jung did excellent work in describing the cosmic unconscious and the works of Dr A.S. Raleigh, Paracelsus and many others sought to explain the phenomena.
The energy fields are omnipresent. They hold no boundary beyond the ability of the person to see or feel them.
The healing circle has been in use for thousands of years as a basic method of sending energy to one in need and to the Universe as a whole.
Thus we have the situation where the energies are present, they can be detected and are manifest in the physical condition.
Why then, in past life therapy do we find 500 Joan of Arc. Why are there so many Alexander the Greats. Why are there so many Red Indian Chiefs.
These are not direct line memories. In my opinion and practice, these result from the observance of a dramatic event that is witnessed by others and recorded on the genetic code.
I have found in my clients many instances where the memories of the mother are carried through. These often result in recurrent injury and illness. In a lot of the cases, it has been possible to see the event by reading the energy and to give a detailed description of the event that has been checked out with the parent. If the event is so strong, it will carry through the genetics of the DNA into later progeny.
In one classic case, I found a traumatic event that had occurred whilst my client was still in the womb. When questioned, it became apparent that the event had happened to a next-door neighbour and had such an effect on the mother it carried as a personal memory.
If one recalls a former death, the genetic memory cannot by any stretch of ones imagination be carried to the progeny. The person died and did not have any further progeny to seed with the memory.
When a practitioner sees these memories it is in the main, from the situation of the observer of the event and the traumatic empathy with the person being killed. Hence the observer feels the pain, the anguish or the smoke filled lungs and passes that memory on to their progeny.
I have never seen such a memory of death from the viewpoint of the one dying. Always from the view of an observer.
I cannot then hold that every case of memory of a past life is a genuine and direct lineage to the person in my care.
I do believe in re-incarnation and I do believe that there are many cases where the former life is remembered or at least, parts of it that are of importance.
It is quite natural when one is enquiring about one’s past lifetimes to wish for something quite grand. Who wants to be told that in a past life, one lived to be 49 years old as a farm labourer and died peacefully in bed from overwork and under-nourishment.
It holds some mystique and wonder to be told that one was a priest, a nun, a Goddess of Isis, a Saint or some bold warrior.
What I am trying to say, in terms that may be comprehended as factual and plausible a case that will lead to a more credible attitude towards this subject.
My eminent colleague may hold a different view and I will be pleased to give the opportunity for that view to be aired. There are others who totally disagree with me. That is their right.
Personally, I am always open to hear and discuss others views. Whether I give them credence is my right. One has respect for the person who is prepared and willing to study the matter to a point where discussion as possible without the emotions and dogma that curses our lives.
As I said earlier, I have in my practice seen hundreds of such cases. Being something of a psychic does help in the comprehension of these matters.
That awareness is enhanced by the constant practice of Chi Kung. Every practitioner using energy should be acquainted with it and learn the forms.
It can take many years to master it and no-one can truly be said to know it all.
However, it should be mastered to some extent in order to be able to detect these energies.
The actual brain waves can be felt and interpreted with practice and the absolute conviction that it can be done. Peter Pan can fly.
Much depends on the credibility of the practitioner. If one is hesitant or appears not to be fully au fait with the methods, a barrier is created that inhibits treatment.
A background of qualification and years of practice is the only criteria.
Qualification is a misused term. One may take a test under The British School of Yoga, ITEC or any other at that level and believe that you are eminently qualified. The honest and enlightened of you will fully realise that is not the case. If you do not, you are fooling yourself and those on whom you are working.
I deplore the Postal Courses as such where they are used to obtain so called qualification, especially when the course notes include the answers you may give.
There is no substitute for years of training under a Master. If this art is to be seen as competent, 90% of such qualification will have to be put into proper context as merely a step on the ladder of learning.
The client has to have confidence, albeit incredulous. That will not be the case where a client is mislead after treatment by so called, ignorant practitioners who interfere with the process of a course of treatment. These methods are like no other and must never be compared to lesser treatments. Unfortunately, the term Massage applies to both and to compare these treatments to therapeutic or comfort techniques is wholly wrong. In these treatments, the client may not be ready to be healed and may easily misunderstand the methods.
There are times when this art is unbelievable by those locked in to the clinical approaches to so called orthodox medicine.
Especially, when we are dealing with Past Life therapy and the involvement of psychic and other means to affect a diagnosis and cure.
In order to comprehend the methods of treatment, it is necessary to remove any reference to orthodoxy and to treat the condition with intuition and extremely careful investigation. That investigation is actually a crucial part of the method of treatment as it talks through the event with the client in such a way as to expose the cause and to remove all of the misdiagnosis that will inevitably have taken place under the aegis of less knowledgeable practitioners.
The brain by the very nature of its function creates scenarios surrounding the actual memory and tries to rationalise the event. By so doing, the event becomes embroidered with all sorts of fantasy.
The nervous system of the body is mainly categorised into the Central Nervous system, the peripheral, somatic, autonomic and enteric systems.
The motor section of the autonomic system is further sub divided into the sympathetic and para-sympathetic systems. These are usually in opposition . The sympathetic , for example, increases heart rate and the para-sympathetic reduces heart rate.
The enteric nervous system controls the gut functions and sensory neuron transmitters all over the body relay message back to these systems. In the context of which we now are concerned, the sensors are crucial to the function of all other systems.
It is these which determine the muscular responses and the actual contraction, dilation, valve function and all other functions of the body in response to stimuli.
If that stimulation is physco-somatic, the effect is the same as the actual event.
Hence memories or imagination will determine not only the response of the muscles and tissue but also the patterns of response.
The brain matrix is very simple. As I said earlier, it is a simple Go- No Go computer with a set of variable patterns to control the function of every organ, every single part of the body without exception.
Visualisation during meditation and Chi Kung is very real. Hypnotic suggestion is very real. Conceptualised situations are very real. Delusion and psychotic disorders are very real. The effect of hallucinatory drugs is very real.
The effect of the Chi Kung is to release the same endorphins into the brain and the damaged areas as the drugs BUT there are no addictive side effects.
An athlete will buzz on the activity of the sport and runners, in particular, become addicted to the act of running. Often this has dramatic and unlikely results on the body. They suffer the same withdrawal symptoms as an addict. Body builders suffer the same effects and so too to any so addicted to their sport.
The mood of the person is quite volatile and without the endorphins, theperson can be aggressive, in pain or disabled to the point of lethargy and indifference to life. Ask any truly dedicated surfer about this.
The brain and its reaction controls every function of the body, triggered by the sensory nervous system.
Memories may become apparent during dream state or have a trigger event in the awakened state. In either case, the brain sees part of the event, fills in the gaps with the rationalisation and creates muscles and organ patterns of behaviour to accord to the perceived state and not the actual event.
For example, a young boy, the nephew of one of my clients was brought to me suffering from a condition whereby he persistently passed out when he fell forwards. He was aged 6 years and had suffered for three years with the condition. It was progressively getting worse and on the last occasion, his heart stopped.
His condition was described to me and I arranged to see him. I told the mother to sit and not to say anything at all unless I asked a question. I began by asking the boy what was happening. He looked to his mother and I interceded that I wanted him to tell me. It was obvious that all the clinicians that he had seen were relying on what was told to them by the parents and not ever had asked the boy himself.
He had been subjected to MRI scans, X rays of the skull, ECG, medicine and a variety of failed attempts to solve the problem. This had embedded in the child that there was something very wrong and no-one could find it. Consequently, he became worsened by the treatment itself.
I applied Chi energy to him and found in the shoulder area a memory. This I described to him as follows.
‘This is a memory of an event that happened just before your third birthday. I can see a large white dog and you were knocked over by it. I can see a low white wall and people around you. What does this mean?’
He did not recall the event but the mother, by her expression clearly did so. I persisted and the boy eventually overcame the mental block and told me about it.
He had indeed been accidentally knocked down and had been hurt. Unfortunately, the adults did not realise the effect that this would have on the boy.
Consequently, the memory embedded as one to be locked away and not to make a fuss about it.
The shock of the incident had set up a pattern of muscular responses in accord to the fight flee syndrome into the autonomic system. He could not avoid the event and was powerless to do anything about it. His body shut down in the anticipation of death and the damage was done. He thought that he was going to die and his brain was conditioned to that eventuality.
As a result, whenever he was in any similar situation the memory returned in the subconscious and set the same patterns into action.
I explained what was happening to him and to the mother and asked her to confirm what I had said. She reinforced the details and I was convinced of the exactness of the diagnosis.
I asked him to kneel on the couch with his back upright and his hands placed on his knees with the palms down. I allowed him to adopt the position and explained that I was going to ask him to do certain things and at all times he could return to the safe position. I asked if he was comfortable and happy with that.
He said he was and I asked him to place his hands on the couch just in front of his knees and immediately to return to the safe position. This he did and I saw a faint flicker of the trigger to the event. However, by this method I had undone the muscle memory pattern.
I asked him to reach a little forward and return to the safe position. This he did and the exercise was repeated several times. As he became confidant, he reached further and further forward and eventually laid out fully in a completely relaxed position.
We repeated the exercise many times until he could throw himself forwards without any harm at all. By now the boy was excited and happy.
He got off the couch and ran around, throwing himself forwards and announced himself to be fully cured.
He went into the shop and met his sister and brother. He immediately did handstands and falling over in play with them.
The effect on the family was amazement.
About a week later, the boy fell over at school and had a hint of the same problem. He got up and said, No I am cured and he has had no recurrence ever again.
I gave him control over a situation that he had formerly no control over. By this, I stopped the pattern of sympathetic and parasympathetic response.
The action of giving control over a remembered event is common in Regression and Hypnotic regression therapy. However, some of the methods do carry very serious risks of side effect unless the practitioner is absolutely precise in the evaluation of the situation and correct diagnosis is crucial.
An absolute knowledge of the psychosomatic physiological effects must be understood fully. A practitioner who does not have that knowledge is working blindly in uncharted waters with every risk of doing great harm.
Imagine the position whereby I had allowed the boy to go into an attack. The pattern would quite simply have been irretrievable and the effect would have been to embed the condition even further into the psyche.
This effect of memory patterning is found in all victims of abuse from any age.
A person who has been abused at a young age will bury the memory until some trigger brings it out.
Another woman, aged about 40 years old had been so abused as a child and had suffered all her life with the inability to relax.
I found the memory and described the event which had occurred when she was 8 years old. In this case I taught her to use me as surrogate and to say to me what she had wanted to say to the person who had assaulted her. This is a potentially dangerous practice for me and it was fully understood what was to happen. I simulated the precedent to the event without assaulting her, of course. At the appropriate time she said ‘NO. I will not allow this’ and she took control of the situation.
After the treatment, she went back to same place and relived the event in her mind with the control means and has recovered completely.
Not only has she recovered, but she is now a very strong and capable woman who is gradually realising her full potential. She is now able to help others and doing so all the time.
Such cases are common and the situation that I have described above is one that I encounter many times.
If an event is happening now and manifesting in anguish and pain now, it must be treated now. You cannot change the past but you can change the reaction to it.
The practice of hypnotic regression therapy in such cases to detect childhood abuse is very dubious indeed, in my opinion as what is said is taken as evidence. It ignores the fact that the brain embroiders events and does not recall the truth. It is open to misuse if the practitioner ignores that fact. Many have been convicted on this sort of evidence and a great number of those have been shown to be innocent, having had their lives destroyed. In many cases, the alleged victim has imagined a scenario and relived it under therapy to be then convinced of its merit as a recollection of an actual event.
The person then believes the act occurred and the trauma of that false memory is brought out to ruin that person as well.
This is an obnoxious use of therapy and wholly reprehensible.
In the field of sexual therapy, the incidence of imagined or actual event is crucial and the most precise diagnosis of the condition is required. Perineal dysfunction in women and the inability to maintain or achieve an erection in men is directly linked to memories gained within this life or from an inherited memory. Few cases are in need of interventive clinical procedures and to commence up that route before examining the actual cause is deemed to failure.
I have encountered hundreds of such cases over some 40 years and in each, I have found no reason to resort to those methods. In those that I have treated many have recovered or at least, found some means of relief from the condition.
There are a whole list of dysfunctions to choose from but this is one often found. An imagined or actual event of unfaithfulness or abuse has an immediate and purely physical effect on the ability to engage in any sexual practice.
When you meet such a case, an absolute and very precise diagnosis is critical and the removal of any connotation of the causality must be removed to give the client the space and freedom to determine the cause as mental and not physical.
Chi Kung is ancient and as such, from the evidence the use of acupressure and other remedies over the course of thousands of years and evidence from perhaps millions of case studies, a skilled Chi Kung therapist is better than anyone else to diagnose and treat the problem from a very practical and pragmatic aspect.
Only then can the client achieve any degree of freedom from the effects.
Some, not all, people lie. They lie to themselves and to others. They lie to attract attention to themselves and they glory in the interest shown to them if they recount some sort of past life recollection. People may be mentally ill, delusional and in need of clinical therapy. People may see the effect of someone receiving this sort of attention and concoct a whole series of lies that, if told often enough and with enough conviction, appear to be the truth.
Such people are very convincing and often, undetectable.
The morality of this sort of treatment must be seen as impeccable. It is not always the case in the way that it is being used by so called professionals.
Ones concern is the health of the person who is suffering. Not in retribution. It is not your place to decide the truth of the event but only to deal with the event as is unfolds before you.
It is only true to the sufferer and it may have not the slightest or remotest basis in fact.
Morality and integrity must also include the effect that you have on the client, not only of your own conduct. To allude to any judgement of the veracity of what you find is not part of that. Be circumspect in all things and never state things as fact where you have no proof at all.
My own experiences of ‘Past life’ is perhaps demonstrated by my recollection of Coventry. I went there to visit the Jaguar factory as a student of engineering with a group of students. As we drove into the coach car park, I felt the hair ( I had some then) on my head stand up and I said to my friend, ‘Please, will you got the end of that road. I expect you to see a row of shops. There will be in particular, a Bakers shop with a very distinctive facia over the entrance.’ I also described the other shops and he did as I asked. He came back and said ‘ OK, so you have been here before. What was all that about?’
Of course, I had not. Such events have been common but the life style it presented to me was that of a travelling salesman, visiting various shops all over England. I do not recall that life at all, merely odd fragments of it.
It was not until much later in life that I learned of my natural father and mother. Whilst I have no absolute proof of this, it appears that is very likely what he did. Clearly, if my presumption is correct, I have inherited odd fragments of his life.
People have said to me in the past, that I have had many lives. One told me that I had lived 9 times on this earth. I would not be led in this and the woman nodded very knowingly and said, ‘One day, you will know’. Maybe so, but that has not happened.
My whole life was set out for me by one lady when I was 10 years old. She described the whole of my life with dates and events to take place. I did not believe her but by the time I was 18 or so and ever since, a great deal of what she told me has come to pass. The woman appears to have had a gift of insight that I do not profess to have.
I teach Chi Kung. In that one is elevated spiritually to a very high plane of thought, devoid of time and space. There is only the eternal now and with Chi Kung one is able to touch all parts of space and time at once. If this woman had that gift in 1951 and saw me as one to have a path to tread, then she was right to tell me. Also, to indicate the date of my death. So, when I depart this realm on the 28th August 2039,
Ie 4 days before my 98th birthday, she will have been right.
If not I will thumb my nose and say, Ha .. Beatcha.
Such predictions must be open to outside circumstance and not set in stone.
I am also aware of the existence of spirit and psychic guides. But I do not intend to bring this into this discussion.
Let us view the subject with some dispassion and look at what might be considered evidence that is not contrived by presumption or wish.
By that means, let us examine what is going on in terms that can be substantiated.
Only then, may we remove from this profession the charlatans and those who wish to make a quick buck or seek glory unto them selves.
Let us move towards establishment of ethical protocols for this work and to let the public at large be convinced of the merit of this work.
Let us re-examine the whole matter and get a concensus of determined opinion to the subject so that it might be fully explored without the innuendo and superstition that presently surrounds it.
If Carl Jung is correct, and I believe him to be so, in his description of the Cosmic Unconscious, then it is possible for a person to tap in to another’s event and to recall it as though it were their own.
Many are linked psychically to another. Twins and Mothers to their sons. If one is ill, then so too is the other.
This mental link is well documented and when we become attuned to these rythms and vibrations, one taps in to another’s pain.
This causes great anguish in the unskilled practitioner who can easily take on another person’s pain and illness or condition.
Put it all together and you start to see the whole picture from a more clear aspect.
There are others here who will now wish to give account of their experiences of some of the treatments received at the Clinic.
This was received from a reader in February 08.
I was on your website and was very interested in the lecture regarding inherited memory.
I don't know if my story is of interest to you, but here goes just in case.
I was born in East Ham in London in 1963, all of my family both on the maternal and paternal side were also from there as far as we knew. We were aware that at some point part of the families must have come from Wales and Scotland because of the surnames. My parents moved out of London when I was about 10 years old, but I never settled, London was the place that I knew I belonged to but I didn't know why. My parents thought me quite selfish as they had moved from the East End to give us a better life and better opportunities. However, I could not settle back in East Ham either. It wasn't until I visited Whitechapel, also in East London one day, that I knew that this was the place I belonged to, again I didn't know why because it was and still is an incredibly poor area. Recently I have been tracing my family tree, and found that my family only moved to East Ham in the early 1900s, and in fact, every single ancestor I could trace back to 1771 had come from Whitechapel. I know this sounds extremely vague, but for me it was the pivotal moment when I realised that there must be something in my genes which attracted me to that part of London, and was the reason that I felt so at peace there. I didn't need a map of the streets, I just knew where I was going.
Hope this helps in your quest to build up a portfolio.
I replied as follows.
Thank you so much for your message. This whole matter is beset with such disbelief by many yet I see it every day in my treatment room.
For many, this period of the early 1700's appears time and time again. For those with Irish descent, it manifests as a total despair and digestive problems that can be devastating. It arises from the enforced deportation of males and some criminals to the 'New Country' in America and Australia. Those left behind carried the grief to their grave and where they had children, the gene is carried to this day.
I have seen many with this memory. Others carry memories of the Inquisition and persecution from the 1300s right through the whole period. The same memories crop up often in different people and where the line can be traced, there is usually a common event witnessed by hundreds at the time.