The psychology of healing.

This lecture formed part of the tuition at Introduction and intermediate level. It is important that each student formed an overview of the effects and consequences of administering therapy and the safeguards to be put in place. It was taken from lecture notes in 1995.  That lecture commenced--
'' In this class we look at the whole big picture and try to put into context the effects of the application of Chi healing and other complementary therapies.

Personally, I am not entirely happy with the name of healer being applied to me. There is only one who heals and we are all the manifestation of that gift.

All that we do is to apply the knowledge imbued to us as part of being a human and align to the one thought that gave rise to this all existence. That thought was Love.

You cannot heal the world and it is not your place to try. What you may try to do is to redress the balance of Good and Not Good in the world from the concepts of Universal Love. There has to be a balance but, in seeking that balance, so the scales tip one way and then the other. Otherwise, the whole thing would stagnate and not evolve.

The perspective of Good and Not Good is that of ones interpretation. A virus is only trying to survive and has no concept of its effect on the host body. How may you consider something of a life form that has been around since the beginning as evil? Only by trying to imagine what it is like to be that life form.

We looked at the way to talk to others in a previous class and the effects of what you say upon them. You can easily talk a person into being ill and can just as easily relieve tension and frustration by using the correct words. You can affect a person with your aura and mannerism. That is found in all walks of life and relationships. If a person is naturally negative, absorbing all good energy as a sponge and influencing others into a state of depression, then so can you do that? Others will firstly try to help you and soon get fed up with trying. Actual aggression may result and certainly, in times of need, others will turn against that person.

By being positive and constructive, one may offer a way of life and attitude that actually helps another to see things differently.
The use of language is difficult to put into practice as every person has a different emotional reaction to different words. Background and culture affect the way the words are used and the interpretation to placed upon them.

In some societies and cultures, the colour white is for purity and cleanliness of though mind and deed. In those cultures, and here I generalise for the sake of expedience, the colour black is often seen as deadly and frightening. In other cultures, white is the colour of release from this sad state of existence into the state of grace. So it is with those who bedeck the dead in white and see death as moving on to a better life. With so many billions of people in the world and have been for hundreds of thousands of years, so there is diversity arising from mankind’s often feeble attempt to rationalise the meaning of existence.

This is tied up with religion and customs that are often designed to hold a population in subjugation to a ruler or body of rulers seeking to hold power by indoctrination. If a king rules by the sword only, then the primary figure is vulnerable. If that King also is the head of a religion and all things are done in the name of that god deity, then he may use the power of suggestion to divert the minds of the people to that which is unassailable.

Often, the church of the country or a religious offshoot will do hands on healing in the name of the deity to avoid the priests becoming the targets when things go wrong. This is so open to abuse and so many crimes are committed in the name of the deity figure that the common rights of all mankind are usurped. The Inquisition, the prosecution of witches, the persecution of Jews and ethnic minorities is often done in the name of religion with no regard for human rights at all.

According to one History channel, recently aired on the TV, Henry the 8th borrowed heavily from the Jewish community and when he had no more money to repay them, he caused a mass murder of the whole of the English Jews. His warring and greed bankrupted England and his entire catalogue of sacking of the monasteries was founded upon the need to raise money for his fruitless wars in France by pillage of gold.

When you come to use this art of hands on healing for others, bear in mind that not everyone wants to be healed and may simply be there as part of their reason to live. They become addicted to the illness and the fact that in being ill, others give them attention.

You will not help them by simply applying the Good energy and hoping for the best. If you work in that way, you will have a success rate of some 55-60% and no more. That is the norm for all the usual types of hands on healing.

When you get to look at 90% and more, then you may be said to be using the arts with understanding and sympathy for the All being.

With Chi Kung healing, you will look at the whole person and their way of life, their beliefs and environment as one package. You will know by instinct and intuition what is needed and when you do not see it all, you will be able to ask your Guides for help, or their guides and may be used as a channel for interventive healing by the One Spirit.

You may receive a spiritual directive to go to a certain place at a certain time and lay on hands without any guidance at all or RIGHT TO KNOW what is going on. You do as you are told without question.

I made many mistakes as a young man and I have tried to change things for my own use or wish. Always I have tried to do well but sometimes I got too involved in what I thought should be happening.

You may have no idea of the chastisement that awaits those who foolishly try to use these powers for their own ends or greed. Yes, one may so ingratiate oneself with a vulnerable person in the expectation of glory or to be left in their will. That is entirely contrary to the tenets and purpose of these arts.

When I find a person so afflicted by one using the powers for envy, greed or malice, I send it back to source with a vengeance. It is possible to track the source using psychic means and I will with no compunction at all destroy and prevent the user of that power.
Each one of us has this ability to a certain degree. Some are born with more advanced potential than others and the few who make it beyond the norm are here to correct the Tao when it goes wrong. They are here to introduce others to the arts and to raise the cosmic awareness of good.

Even a hundred and fifty years ago in England, I would have been pilloried and probably burned at the stake for what I teach. Even now, in certain parts of the world, that is still the case.

The art must be seen for what it is in terms of the correct use of natural physics and the application of the mind for healing in a way that the Western mind can comprehend. That is why these classes are so informal. That is why the treatments are what they are. The Chi Kung massage is a vehicle for treatment, and not always the treatment in itself.

A great many of my clients, male and female, have been so seriously abused as children or young adults as to affect their whole way of life. Many are still in a situation of abuse and cannot break away from it.

The trust that is built up is designed to help them to see that this is not the norm, that it can be changed and with the massage, a complete breakdown of all inhibitions and trauma occurs. This is life changing in every way and without absolute trust and correct methods this cannot be done.

The ability to relieve physical pain by the application of manual techniques and acupressure, is a key in getting the interest of the person and to start to help them. It is not the be all and end all of treatment.

Chi Kung and this way of life changes you for ever. It is based on the physics and understanding, not on one person and never will I seek to make this a cult. Of course, those who practice it are often seen as charismatic or awesome and it is absolutely against any tenet of my teaching to profit from that.

Often, those who practice it are martial artists. They may be martial artist first and come to it in the search for spiritual enlightenment or come to martial arts during the search. Such people hold a physical power over others that is never to be abused. It is their place to imbue students and all others into a place of mercy and wholeness where power is never to be used for personal gain. Never is it to be used for vengeance or to influence others to do anything against their beliefs.

There are many all over the world engaged in this work to try to raise the awareness of mankind to a better state. The Internet has advanced this by leaps and bounds. No more may Governments influence the press and media. Use this facility to advance the cosmic consciousness for the good of all.

Good luck in your journey.  Tony