Chi-Do Martial Arts

Chi-Do Martial Arts are an eclectic mix of Tai Chi, Aikido, Judo and the principles involved are taught in a set of drills for body fitness, co-ordination of movement, balance, and how to deal with situations as they arise, how to avoid conflict and if used in self defence, effective and quick.  The tenet is "Mercy" and how to live well in this world.  A small class of dedicated students, some of whom have been with Tony for nearly 20 years.  

Chi-Do was created in 1995 on the promise to students that they would be able to train in any art, anywhere in the world using the exercises taught here.  That has proven time and time again to be the case.

Students are taught a set of precise drills as as warm up and every aspect is used in the martial context.  The training builds mind and self confidence as well as a way to keep the body fit and healthy for a lifetime of these arts.  Beginners who are physically fit are welcome to join us.  The training is hard so make no mistakes, you will ache.  We will not tolerate ego or disrespect in the classes.  Please ensure that your nails are trimmed on your hands and feet, that you have showered and are dressed appropriately.  Arrive before the class is due to start and do your own warming up before instruction.

The techniques are based on practical application of mathematics and physics to achieve the often spectacular results.

The Internal and External use of Chi is included in the training.

Our Black belt pupils have all spent more than 7 years and 1,000 hours training.  To get 2nd Dan takes another 5 years minimum.  Vicky, Paul and James are also instructors in other arts.

All are welcome to join us so long as you are fit enough and have no ego hang ups.  Minimum age 14 and no upper limit.