The Chi Clinic is registered under the appropriate regulations relating to Data protection and has the registered number of Z6154318.  The Data Controller is Tony Hardiman.  Any issues should be addressed in the first place to the controller.   The Chi Clinic and Chi-Do Association hold clients, patients and students personal information on manual file and computerised records.  This includes personal details of illness and lifestyle when that is in connection with ongoing therapy or rehabilitation.  This information is NEVER shared with anyone other than the two partners or the appointed person in the case of a child or one with unusual understanding complications.  Requests for information from solicitors must be with the patients authority.   We keep these records for 5 years and you have the absolute right to see them at any time during business hours.

Complaints Procedure is very simple.  If there is an issue please feel free to raise it with either Tony Hardiman or Vick Ahern-Hardiman.  Any concerns will be dealt with expeditiously and with high regard for privacy and respect.  Something may be said in passing and misunderstood.  A procedure in the course of treatment might seem unusual to those used to a pamper style of massage clinic or the NHS.  This clinic is authorised to undertake remedy far beyond the common training and practices. This is always subject to full informed consent and whilst we have a relaxed way of treating people and some unique methods we will always have the highest respect for anyone who comes here.

We have regard for all religions, belief systems or those with none.  Partners or carers are welcomed and anyone under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian present.  Those age 16 to 18 must have parental approval but may be seen in private after they have read and signed the standard consent form..  Over 18s are able to sign the consent forms in their own right without reference.

If we cannot resolve any issue with you then we will put you in touch with the  BRCP committee if in connection with treatments or the ICO for security issues. 

We do take your credit card details over the phone to pay for attendance at seminars or classes.  Those details are destroyed immediately and we do not retain information for ensuing transactions without your express wish to do so.  We are Payment Card Service Industry (PCSI ) compliant .