Pregnancy and Morning Sickness

Over the course of many years of practice the subject of actually getting pregnant and the physical ramifications have given rise to a field of "Take this and Take that" with little or no effect and sometimes, unwanted side effects.   I am not a Doctor and having helped a number of women during the course of trying to conceive I found that stress is often the impediment.   So long as there are fertile eggs, that the woman in question is of good child bearing age and the man is actually fertile,  one looks at the periodic menstrual cycle and whether the body is prepared to conceive.

A course of full body lymphatic drainage helps to calm the nervous system and prepares the body well.   The sensation of absolute safety and comfort of our treatment rooms is very calming and having been a father and seen the whole process, the emotions can be addressed sensibly, personal to that woman and once successful,  if that is to be,  the morning sickness can be alleviated.

As the Zygote implants, the body tries to get rid of it.  That is natural.  The inhibitors act to retain the new life and the hormones change.  The body produces toxins and after about 3 weeks, the toxicity builds to cause nausea and vomiting.   I was taught breast lymphatic drainage by midwives to rid the adipose tissues of toxins and the effects have been very successful.  This was always done by the midwives and towards the end of the pregnancy, it was done to help prevent pre eclampsia.  In the third trimester the baby consumes as much calcium as it can from the mothers body to form bones etc. 

So too, the breast prepare to produce milk, also taking calcium.  Hence the danger of not having enough and all the consequences.  You may care to read the other pages on this site regarding massage in general and the consent forms in Advice to new patients and clients.  See left...

I have seen a number of women through this wonderful event and helped with back pain, perineal inflammation, distended breasts, mood swings,  trained the fathers and before it was done on the NHS, taught baby massage and that they don't break as soon as they are touched.

Just make an appointment and see what we can do without drugs......