The symbolism and intent that is at the heart of all that we teach.


The Chi-Do  symbol was created by Tony Hardiman in 1995 as a representation of all that one needs to know of the systems of Chi Kung taught at the Chi Clinic. 

The philosophy incorporated therein is at the root of all Energy Arts and is the fundamental way of thinking in the Chi Clinic whether it be the Healing Arts, Martial Arts, Tai Chi or Chi Kung. The symbol took 40 years to think about and was patented in 2000 as a trade mark of the Chi-Do Association. Essentially, the symbol may be seen as a key and the lock to be undone is you. 

How does one start to teach something that has no form, has existed since the beginning of time itself, predates evolution and all human attempts to understand it fall short. The comprehension may be found in meditations, through the practice of physical forms and through abandonment of all that one has learned as preconceptions. Through this symbol, one may contemplate all existence and feel the Humanity of simply ‘Being’. See it and experience the energy that this symbol invokes.  

The cone of energy emanating from the Middle Dantien or Heart Chakra is in 3 dimensions. The circle thus created at the feet is the Grounding, the firm foundation of the Base Chakra. The colours graduate from deep blue to white and are all in the higher realms of healing vibrations.  

Above this is a sphere, the Healing Circle of freedom. The ability to move swiftly if needed. To be able to gather healing energy from all around and from all sources of Goodness. The Heart, being the centre of Humanity, is then nourished by the physical exertions of forms, the Yang. The Yin, the passive strength of wisdom is encouraged by the abundance & power of Yang.  

The ‘Star burst’ represents the emanation of Eternal Love from the Heart. Over the course of thousands of years, we find many who also teach in this way using expressions such as 'The Inner smile' or 'Light from within' or any saying that has inspired the pupils of the time.   Peace and well being is found within the Buddhist, Ayurvedic, Taoist meditations and in every faith, there is this 'Glow' of energy from within. How one describes it in language is quite inadequate. The experience is only able to be comprehended by use of expressions that have relevance to the people of the time or the audience. 

In Martial terms, it shows the intent of ‘Mercy’. Such is the power of Mercy that one needs to have been trained to a very high degree of integrity to be able to offer the most powerful of all emotions and conduct when confronted by aggression or misunderstanding. The centre line from half way between the feet bisects the 60" apex angle to give two isoscolese triangles the most effective incorporated system of power within the martial arts. This manifests in the practice of Chi-Do and is the basis of many of the more powerful arts utilising the opponents power and strength against them. Based on sound engineering principles, the torque effect is demonstrated within the Fibonacci ratios and the Mean Golden Circle. The Chi-Do arts are full of symbolism and meditative practices designed to awaken the very deepest of all inherited memories and faculty.