The Chi-Do Association trading as The Chi Clinic established in 1999.
The Hardiman methods of Therapy and exercise systems.

An article of fact.

In view of the proliferation of novel and alleged wonder therapies it has been expressed that our methods should receive some further appreciation. To that end this statement of fact is intended to answer the question that is often put “ How is that your methods work when others do not and what do you do”.

The usual answer to this question is to say simply that “You have been Tonyfied”. To be able to put a label on what I do is to presume that others have knowledge of the methods. I do not do any Chiropractic or Osteopathy and people try to put me in to that category.  Absolutely and most definitely not so. I am a Traditional Bone Setter taught in 1953 by such a practitioner in the full tradition of preserving the art for future generations.

I was introduced to energy healing at the age of 10. I was able to reduce pain and alleviate stress symptoms simply by laying on of hands and changing the condition using my mind alone. By the age of 12, I was involved in white witch covens and at 15, I was in spiritual church doing healing. At 13, I was taught the essentials of traditional bone setting and started to learn anatomy, physiology and biology.

In 1956 I started to learn Judo and at 18, in 1958 I had the excellent good fortune to meet exiled Chinese Masters and was privileged to be thought of as worthy of tuition in the martial and healing arts. I learnt Tai Chi Chuan, Wei Chi Lau Fa, Chinese massage and Acupressure. I studied Shiatsu, the Japanese version of Chi Kung massage. I studied Aura, energy fields, diagnosis and the art of Aikido from 1963 until 1999.

Throughout my martial arts career I have used these methods.

In 1969, I was taught manual lymphatic drainage by midwives whom I had the good fortune to meet during my exploration of western medical science. The methods predated the adoption of so called Vodder methods and are much more to the European accepted protocols. Ancient methods of medicine became of fascination to me and I studied cultural use of manipulation, muscle correction and alignments.

In 1995 I was asked by my martial arts peers to teach what I know. This was something of a task to try to find a way of teaching that which has no language, cares not if it is understood and relies not on mans feeble interpretations.

Once you label something you stop thinking about it. Once a label is put on something others presume it to be within their experience and purport to understand it.  I will not be judged by those ignorant of these methods nor compared to any who practice “Minimum Standard” therapies.

I established ‘The Hardiman Methods” of treatment and martial arts in 1999 with the help of Vicky and devised ways of teaching to over 1,000 people the rudiments of these arts. I had the methods accepted by insurers and a valid therapy for inclusion on our insurers policy without further examination. So that is what I teach and what is practiced here.

I have qualifications in Acupressure, Massage, Tai Chi & Chi Kung with the top CAM register in the UK, the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine. Now administered by the Confederation of Healing Organisations. I was awarded the honour of ‘’Best Complementary Medicine Practitioner 2015’’. I also have qualification in Sports therapy & Sports electrotherapy and practice Auricular acupuncture.

In January 2021 I was awarded Fellow of The Complementary Medical Association.  This is a massive international association, dedicated to research and applications of all manner of therapies.

The “Hardiman Methods” are registered as including, and here I quote from our insurers list.

Acupressure, Chi Kung, Qigong Therapy, Massage, Chi Healing, Holistic Massage, Moxibustion, Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage, Sports Injuries, Sports therapy equipment, The teaching of declared courses and running of the Chi Clinic school of Complementary Therapies and Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage and Manipulation.

So, Vicky and I are well qualified therapists in this field and somewhat unique in the area. There are many who spend all of their time checking out and allegedly learning different practices and never applying the knowledge or gaining experience. There are those who might see only 3 or 4 clients each week. 

At this Clinic we conduct about 8 or 900 treatment sessions annually. We have treated over 14,000 individuals over the course of 27 years and we have a success rate in the order of 90% for all conditions.

The practice of full body lymphatic drainage has helped many hundreds of people with ME (Post viral syndrome) back to health and relieved thousands of women with symptoms of breast distension and PMT. The deep tissue massages are very effective in treating oedema and circulation problems. Used during pregnancy, the arts are excellent in providing relief from back pain and to calm the mother.

Using Chi energy and the sense of touch developed in the martial arts, we are able to detect minute changes in the magnetic and nerve impulses of the body leading to detection of defects. This is not some mysterious art but it is based on pure science.

Are we magicians as some have stated? If one does not comprehend what is happening, any act might be said to be magic. We know what we are doing, thus it is not some art to be viewed with trepidation or mystique. I do not teach superstition or mumbo jumbo but I do understand how this universal consciousness works. I understand the arts of the Caribbean and folk arts such as Healing Circle. I understand placebo and how the mind affects the working of the human body. Dramatic recovery may be made with the correct identification of deep trauma and in the case of so-called idiopathic symptoms, may well be the only remedy.

The courses and classes remove any sense of awe and teach how to use the natural abilities that we are all born with. All of our classes are designed to promote well-being in both physical and emotional regard. In the therapies master classes I teach the deep secrets that are only revealed to those with adequate comprehension of the essential basics. Not to those who only do short courses and never practice.

So, how to describe what is done ? You have been Tonyfied.

My business career began in 1956 when I started work in mechanical and motor vehicle engineering under the NJIC and spent 7 years in training at Kingston Polytech where I qualified under the City and Guilds with merit and distinction with a prize for Best Student. I left engineering in 1970 and started to train in Property management and estate agency. In 1973 I was asked to take over the running of an agency and in 1980 I joined Peachey Property Corporation in Sloane Street to manage in all 9,000 properties all over the UK. In 1984 I was appointed adviser to the Chairman and property manager to The E . Alec Colman Group where I managed 20 storey offices and thousands of commercial and residential properties. I was awarded ‘Best Landlord’ by Brent council for my handling of a difficult estate. I left in 1989 and set up my own management company until I met Vicky, my wife and started the Chi Clinic in 1999.

I am a Freeman of The City of London, a retired Liveryman of the Scriveners of London and have been Chairman Secretary and Master of several Institutions since 1959. These included YC Chairman, Surbiton branch, Masonic (Grand Lodge) 2484 Lodge Master. Also No20 Lodge Le Droit Humaine. As quaisi director Secretary and property manager of Yorkangle Ltd, Secretary of Parthenon Home Management. I am a past Chairman of The National Association of Estate Agents (London Thames) and have sat on small committees as consultant and chaired many events.

The election by examination to the British Complementary Medicine Association began in 2005 and led to the registration of The Chi Clinic as a School of Complementary Medicine and Tai Chi. Dubbed by the examiner “This is not a school, it is a family of learning”. That affiliation ceased in 2017.

I hold a certificate as Master of Chi-Do issued to me by my peers in 1999 and an Honorary 5th Dan instructors certificate. I am Registered as a Senior Instructor with the Tai Chi Union and I was awarded by the prestigious ICNM the honour of “Best Complementary Therapy Practitioner 2015”.

The distinct honour of being made a fellow of the Complementary Medical Association is a resounding acceptance of the treatments that I administer.

I have two children, of whom I am very proud.   If anyone might require to know anything else, please ask.

Tony Hardiman.. CDA.  SBRCP (Oriental Medicine).  Fellow of The Complementary Medical Association                 Revised...  30th August 2022