TIME.. For those few who follow my humble posts and care to think about such things, let’s look at the meanings of Yin/Yang and how this expresses in terms of causation, interpretation and comprehension based on language, upbringing and education.

As a child at school I posited in an essay at the age of 13 in 1953 that all that may be perceived could exist within the striking of a match in a larger world. The preceding events are that someone grew the tree, collected the phosphorous and other ingredients to make the match. So the one who wishes to light a cigarette only has one intent. At the moment of ignition a linear sequence evolves that says that time began with that ignition and ends with the extinguishing of the flame.

Thus the quantum of ‘time’ has no meaning. It does not exist as an entity nor has mass or measurable quotient other than the potential and result of one cause and effect.

Once I started to study philosophy, Eastern and Western arts, mathematics and engineering I soon found that books which stated that they would teach me something already had created in the mind of the reader a theoretical outcome that was not provable. This I hotly contested and sought only text books that sought factual and provable explanations in terms of science, not mere fantasy.

Very soon the writings of others began to fall apart and I was left with such as Boyles Law of Thermodynamics and trigonometry as firm basics upon which to contemplate the nature of being. I was influenced by the genius of professor John Callow and his book of 1969 entitled A Search for Truth in Physics is nothing short of brilliance.

So, Boyles law stated clearly that without movement there is no temperature or energy generation. Thus the Yin is total stillness. Nothing exists and it is the natural state. It is not chaos. Chaos comes with so called structure that may decay back to its elementary particles. Hence the notion of atoms prior to the discovery of molecules and protons etc.

I questioned at school ‘If God created everything where did He come from? ‘. It took many years to understand the notion of Faith.

The Yang arises from the combination of random particles of energy and mass is the accumulation of these minute events as a result of ‘Mass attraction’ the natural state of each coming together of the elements. Thus there is the nature of chi. It is ambivalent to the needs of man, cares not whether we understand it or not, has no language and quite simply, that is what we are all made of. Because we all have to follow the same physics, we all think in this way and can cause an effect by simply creating a pattern for the chi to follow.

Innumerable writers have penned ‘ nothing exists unless first a thought ‘ or words to that effect.

Any act or action by a sentient being requires intent. In meditation one focuses on one thing only to the exclusion of extraneous thought and by this finds the inner alchemy of ‘No Mind’ when one only has the uninhibited sensations of Oneness. These are not able to be taught and words are meaningless when dealing with matters that preceded all existence and mankind’s feeble attempts to describe it.

Acts or reactions that require no CONSCIOUS thought are such as the Golgi network by which one muscle may talk directly to it’s counterpart without reflex or directive by the brain. The entire body is one unit brain that integrates, readjusts and resets according to need, stress and experience. The so called ‘Will” of mankind is generated from experiences, belief and comprehension. That is different for each and every one of us.

Then there is the Tao. For many this is the concepts of LauTsu. He was only one of many who had lived this life without writing it down but transmitted by oral teaching Master to favoured pupil. The Tao for me is the overwhelming outcome of creation and to join with that in an unequivocal willingness is to appreciate the gift of life itself, to see man as the protector of this planet and in helping others is the correct way. Others may disagree and indeed do so vociferously. Just because one shouts loudest and most often does not beget truth.

When enjoined, one may use the Chi for changing outcomes, healing and with integrity, for the good of all person without ego, lust, greed or prejudice.

The Lord Buddha stated in far better words that if something does not seem right, then do not believe it. Take that further, do not do it !!

Without movement there is no energy. Yin precedes as the natural evolved and evolving state but Yang feeds it as a good parent may. If all things are in absolute balance, there is no energy developed. It is the coning to balance wherein the energy is created. A held posture has potential but the transition from one to another is the external effect.

Thus the creation of good intent by classes such as Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, living the life and walking the walk are vital to preserve the balance in this world. Getting drunk every night or engaging in poor thought and action is not the way to find truth. Live the path and try to avoid hypocrisy. Consider the outcomes before action may be taken and words are said that may not be undone. Be kind and generous of spirit, love and compassion. Never confuse Meek with weak. Be strong yet fair.

Only by example may one have true influence and every action has consequences.....

This earthly state of being is for me a school to which we may come to play and learn. It is essential to the existence of all 10 planes of being and the 10th state of pure energy would disperse without the 3rd dimension.

You have already been given the most precious of all things, that of life. You will be given nothing more and to expect more is to generate feelings of greed, wastefulness and pander to advertisers understandings of the worst kind of human desires. Accept only the one gift and need nothing more.

Stand apart for a moment and be very grateful for what you have. If you only value yourself and others by materialistic gain, then you have already lost the essence of being here.

Breath and be free.

Our classes are designed carefully to enable each to find the best in ourselves and each other. A number of people are not willing or able to accept that they may or ought to change their habits, their perceptions and treat each negative event with positive learning.

Each has a right to live their own journey and each has a unique path. To live only by the rule of ‘Harm none’ is a good place to start.... One still has to live with others and sometimes one must defend physically or with streetwise concepts to survive.

Tony 25th January 2019.