It is a fact that the human body has changed very little for the last 150,000 years and we are still governed by the same reactions to danger or some attack.  The difference is that in this society we are constrained by protocols, rules, commitment and oppressive behaviour.  It is not easy for us to simply run away or fight (the sympathetic nervous system) and when this happens the stress hormones that we produce are very damaging to the liver, kidney and with loss of sleep our entire system starts to fail. 

The symptoms of sweating, blood pumping, panic attacks, aggressive reactions to what is said or perceived are common.

In our classes we teach not only physical activity to enhance the general body condition but teach mental management skills that inevitably help in most cases.  Of course, one has to actually practice the arts taught here to get benefit.  Tai Chi and Qigong are proven to be effective therapies in themselves and with our experience over many years we are able to help most people.

The therapies are designed to relieve stress and through our approach to each person it is possible to have a release of emotions  and be helped through that release.    Just to have a really good massage is often enough to help and the use of acupuncture assists in this.  Each session finishes with a meditation that you are able to use when ever it is needed and in the Thursday evening classes very deep meditative practices are taught.

Please get in touch and speak to us or just arrive a few minutes before the start of a class.