Tai Chi & Qigong classes and events.

Tai Chi is an ancient art, steeped in Taoist philosophy and has a history dating back some 3,000 years or more.  Some imagine quite wrongly that Taoism is contrary to the writings of Christianity.  Nothing could be more wrong.  Tai Chi is taught as a health regime using practices that have been scientifically researched over millenia and more recently, the subject of intense appraisal and evaluation in the universities of Beijing and all over China.  Brought to the West hundreds of years ago and popularised through the medium of films, TV programmes and seminars or classes open to all races, creeds and cultures without exception.  Proven to be absolutely beneficial in the prevention of falls, improved balance, recovery from illness, stroke and debilitating conditions.  It teaches a calmness of mind and an approach to life that it gentle and generous.  Our classes are designed for all of reasonable fitness to attend and learn to the highest standards.  All of our instructors are Gold Medalists who spend a great deal of their time and effort in improvement and learning.

The students enjoy a welcoming from all and beginners are welcome to all or classes.

Of course, the martial aspect of TaiJiJuan is also taught and so is self defence, body fitness and the arts of Chi-Do incorporate all levels of fitness and ability.

Master Tony teaches at The Chi Clinic each Wednesday evening from 7pm to 8.30 and then the 32 sword form for those who can complete the 24 forms to a satisfactory standard.  He firstly came to Tai Chi in 1960 and has 60 years experience of teaching experience.