About us

Chi Clinic is the trading name of Chi-Do Association, founded in 1999 by Tony Hardiman & Vicky Ahern-Hardiman.  The Association was founded to provide a substantial base from which to teach Chi-Do Therapy (The Hardiman methods) and Chi-Do Martial Arts as well as opening a Clinic to which the public would be welcomed to come for treatment and rehabilitation.

Tony first learned the basics of Traditional Bone setting in 1953 and progressed that training with Chinese & Japanese Masters from 1956 whilst studying both Chinese and Western Medicine.   He was awarded Master of Chi-Do in 1999 by a panel of his peers.  In January 2021 he was awarded Fellow of The Complementary Medical Association.  At the age of 80 he still teaches and is viewed by many as an expert in his field.   Since 1999 he has seen and treated over 12,000 people. He trained in engineering and has had a prolific business career as a consultant property manager in major companies.  He qualified in 2000 by direct final examination to the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine as an Advanced Therapist and was awarded Best Complementary Therapist 2015 by the ICNM, now administered by the Federation for Holistic Healers.  A Gold medalist, registered with the Tai Chi Union as an Senior Instructor.    He has qualifications in Acupressure, massage, Qigong, Tai Chi, Sports therapy, sports electro therapy and has a lifetime experience of these and other arts.  An author of two study works available on Kindle, "The Ultimate Control Freak" and "Oppressive behaviour patterns in Adults and children."  A specialist in lymphatic drainage and musculo skeletal injuries.  His easy 'bedside manner' and gentle approach easily calms and makes for a somewhat unique experience.

Vicky Ahern-Hardiman teaches mainly the Health & Wellbeing aspects of Tai Chi & Qigong, although she has also practiced Tai Chi & Martial Arts since 1999 (Aikido, Karate, Chi-Do - 2nd Dan).  She is an Instructor member of Deyin Taijiquan Institute,
Registered as a Senior Instructor member of Tai Chi Union for Great Britain & Gold medalist in both Tai Chi & Health Qigong. She was awarded 5th Duan in the International Health QiGong Federation on the 27th September 2018.  She was awarded the rank and status of Level 4 Instructor under the Deyin Taijiquan Institute in March 2019.  This is high recognition of 20 years study and practice in these arts.

Vicky qualified in Holistic Massage (ITEC 2000), Chi-Do Therapies (The Hardiman Methods), Chinese Healthcare & Acupuncture (Acumedic Foundation - CMIR, London in 2010).  No longer a member of CMIR, she has taken that excellent teaching and qualification into the Health QiGong syllabus with excellent outcomes.

James Norman was awarded by us in 2012 Tai Chi instructor and in October 2014, 1st Black Belt in Chi-Do Martial Arts and on the 17th June 2018, raised to 2nd Dan.  He has also won multiple Gold and Silver medals in Tai Chi and Health QiGong at the London Competition.   James is a highly qualified instructor who regularly attends CPD seminars here and at Deyin HQ.  He has classes in Dorking, Esher, Molesey and Wonersh.   He can be contacted on 07813 337046

Steve Goulding teaches Tai Chi & Qigong in Westerham and Barnham in East Sussex.  He qualified as a Chi-Do Therapist in 2007 & attends regular CPD training seminars.  Steve was with us in China and competed as a member of Team Chi Clinic in the competitions.  In view of his considerable contribution to charitable works, helping those less fortunate and his dedication to the arts, Steve was made a Life Member of The Chi-Do Association in February 2021.. He can be contacted on or at

Anne Norman qualified as a Chi-Do Therapist in 2007 and regularly attends classes and CPD seminars.  She accompanied us to China and has conducted therapies at the Clinic when we were away.  She was awarded Silver in both Tai Chi 24 and QiGong  at the London Competitions 2017.  Anne supports Crest Cancer Support where she provides free care for the carers.  On the 16th September 2022 Anne was awarded the title of Tai Chi Instructor by  decision of the  board.  She has a practice in Staines-on-Thames and can be contacted on 07894 037728 or