At this clinic we specialise in the treatment and rehabilitation methods designed for the individual, the actual condition and the best available therapies from those that are offered here.  After that, during recovery we offer rehabilitation in the form of Tai Chi, QiGong or energy work with meditations and lectures.

Our Tai Chi and Qigong classes are ideal for those needing focus, calming and aids greatly with tension issues or stress management.

Most people, young and not so young come by "word of mouth' recommendation.  We register some 30 new patients each month and many drive from as far as Manchester, Devon, Norfolk for treatment here.  We have seen over 14,000 people from all over the world during the course of the last 27 years and effected more than 20,000 treatment sessions.

A list of therapies may be found by clicking the appropriate menu heading but of course, any queries please ring us and then book with either Tony or Vicky.  You will be asked to sign a Consent Form and a brief history of your medical and relevant experiences will be made.

The methods are very much "Hands on" using ancient and more gentle traditional bone setting and massage for the relief of musculo-skeletal injuries.   Lymphatic drainage is regularly performed as part of an 'MOT" with Tony to include, by agreement the breast tissue and inguinal systems.   Always, it is your choice as to what you wear or not and full consent is always obtained.  If you want a chaperone do say so when booking in.

A copy of the essential content of the consent form appears on the page 'Advice to new patients or Clients" which may be found in the index of pages.

We see many who have had unfortunate experiences or been the subject of abuse both emotional or sexual and actual physical violence.  Our methods assist in return to health and self confidence.  Remember, you are in charge and no treatment will be administered without your approval.  Stress is a great factor and attitudes to your situation may be explored.   We have many years of experience in these fields.

Any medication prescribed by a GP or Hospital must be continued during your treatment here.  We regularly refer for medical investigation where we see "Red Flags" or feel that would be in the patients best interest.

No cures are ever claimed and each outcome is different.  For some, the first session here is enough and others come weekly or monthly until it is decided otherwise.  We do not prescribe any remedies or herbs but will advise in general on health issues relating to lifestyle and diet.

The downstairs treatment room is wheel chair accessible and help is always available where mobility may be an issue.



This is very similar to any post viral syndrome except that the lungs are badly affected.  The lung tissue hardens and whilst your blood oxygen levels may be good at resting, any exertion causes sweating, loss of energy, almost uncontrollable lethargy and loss of confidence.   Full body lymphatic drainage is highly effective in relieving these symptoms and firm percussion of the ribs and lung cavity open the alveoli thus permitting better perfusion and rate of exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  Several treatments are needed on a weekly basis. 

Far better to rest when first infected and at least two weeks post the non symptom stage.  Going back to school or work too soon can be very serious.


Bookings will be taken for one person at a time unless you are a person under the age of 16, need an interpreter or are a vulnerable person.   This will allow for cleansing and disinfecting all surfaces and precautions necessary to minimise to risk of transmission.   You must declare any symptoms relating to Covid19, any contact with a known carrier, shielding and give adequate contact details at the time of booking.    

If you have a cold, please change your appointment.

 You may be asked to wear a face mask. Hand washing with soap must be observed and strict cleanliness when using the facilities.   Hand sanitisers are available in the reception area and facilities.

Whilst precautions are taken in line with current Covid regulations, we cannot guarantee complete safety as this virus is airborne and carried on clothing.  It is easily spread by contact on such as public transport.


In January 2021 Mr Hardiman was admitted to the Complementary Medical Association as a Fellow.